Cheat for Escape from Tarkov

[not all features will be added to the final product]


The cheat is in active development. We are preparing software with a high level of security so that playing with it is as comfortable and efficient as possible. Our team is working on the creation of ESP (WH), anti-recoil and built-in radar

  • Show Players - allows you to see enemy PMCs through obstacles.
  • Show Players (SCAVS) - allows you to see wild players through obstacles.
  • Realiable bypass against Battleye, harnessing unique methods.Show SCAVS - all bots are visible.
  • Regular and fast updates after new game patches.Loot ESP - the ability to see the loot through the front.
  • EFT radar - a browser-based radar that shows the location of enemies and loot.
  • Auto update programs.
  • Spoofer - program for changing HWID (hardware id), bypassing the ban by hardware id.
hack r6s

The cheat for Escape from Tarkov is written by our coders from scratch, and has a completely unique build which allows you not to worry about the imminent detection of a cheat. Also, it will allow you to release updates as quickly as possible and improve the quality of the product.

private hack r6s
Show Players & Bots

Enemies are visible through the obstacle, enemy boxes and their skeleton are displayed. Also, this function helps to separate bots and players.

r6s cheat
Browser Radar

The radar works through any browser on your PC, it is also planned to add the ability launch the radar on additional devices. It is also planned to be able to customize the display of all information on the map. Leave only the necessary information at any time during the raid.

settings radar hack for pubg

With the help of our spoofer, you can bypass HWID (railway) bans, or protect your PC from being banned by rail. The spoofer will appear in the "my applications" section immediately after purchasing the cheat. For it is absolutely free and available to every user who has purchased the software.

Our EFT cheat gives you a competitive edge, but doesn’t spoil the enjoyability of the game. You can see some extra information about the enemy and have recoil reduction. The main thing to keep in mind is to approach everything with thought.Our cheat for EFT gives an advantage, but does not spoil the gameplay at all. You are only see the correct information about the enemy and the loot. Proper use of these features will help you win and not arouse suspicion. We recommend not to get a lot of kills and play giving information to allies. This will minimize the chance of getting banned.

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Tariffs [will appear here immediately after the release of the software]

We are always ready to help in choosing and answer any questions that interest you, you do not need to worry that you will be deceived, our project has a huge reputation in the market, the supports answer everyone in turn. At night we may not answer, and also please note that we work according to Moscow time. Reviews can be found in our VKontakte group.