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Our cheat for Valorant is the best and safest solution for this game. All cheats with wh and various functions are often detected by Riot Vanguard anti-cheat, so we do not add visual functionality to our cheat. Only legit and reliable aim + trigger. We offer you the best value for money cheat market for this game.

  • Aimbot is a great aimbot that will help you shoot better. There are several modes of operation of the function.
  • Flick Mode - in this mode, the aimbot will shoot single shots clearly at the enemy's hitbox (head). This method can be a bit of a rage, use it carefully, it's easy to get reports from other players!
  • Pro Spray Mode - if this mode is active, then you can safely shoot with a spray. The first bullets will hit the upper body of the enemy, clearly in the selected hitboxes. And then the bullets will gradually fall into the lower parts of the enemy's body. Recommended mode for legit play.
  • Chest Mode - when this type of aim is activated, the sight will stick clearly to a certain part of the body. Usually towards the opponent's chest. Great for shooting with sniper rifles or deagle.
  • Aim Assist - The easiest type of aimbot available. As a rule, this is a smooth, easy fine-tuning of the sight when shooting. Although you can set very powerful settings.
  • FOV, Smooths, Bone and RCS - you can adjust various aiming parameters for any of the modes. Make the perfect config for yourself.
  • Triggerbot - When using this feature, a shot will be fired automatically if an enemy hits your scope.
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Unique cheat build every day

We have seriously taken up the issue of security and protection from bans. Each day, the build of the cheat at launch will be different, which will minimize the risk of anti-cheat detecting the cheat and getting you banned from the game.

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For aiming, we use the character highlighting function built into the game, which is the safest option for an aimbot in the Valorant game.

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Config system and configuration through the site

You can save your settings so you don't have to reconfigure the cheat every time. Everything is saved in the cloud, you don't need to store any files on your computer - it's very safe. Also, you can easily share settings with your friends.

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Excellent optimization

The product is well optimized. Your fps will not go down if you play with our software for Valorant.

We offer you great legit features for playing valorant legit with cheats. With a minimal chance of a ban, you get an advantage in the game for reasonable money, and you also retain interest in the game, because you still need to kill enemies with your own hands.


We are always ready to help in choosing and answer any questions that interest you, you do not need to worry that you will be deceived, our project has a huge reputation in the market, the supports answer everyone in turn. At night we may not answer, and also please note that we work according to Moscow time.

17.1 $7 days

  • Legit Software
  • The last version
  • Support

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