Cooperation with the PHOENIX HACK project

We are always ready to be friends

  • Wholesale purchase - for large buyers we have a 40% discount on purchases from 10 to 99 keys, as well as a 50% discount on purchases over 100 keys.

  • Cheat developer- our developers are the most important in the project, therefore their percentage of sales is higher than the rest. If you are an excellent coder with ambitions or you already have ready-made software, then join us, we are always ready to help with the implementation of cheats.

  • Streamer- if you are a streamer and are ready to play with our software, we are ready to provide it to you, as well as cheat viewers in reciprocal advertising of our project. For a streamer with a large audience, we are ready to pay the agreed amount.

  • Blogger- if you have a channel with a gaming theme, as well as a good audience and consistently release videos, then we can offer a referral system. You will have a panel with referral links that you can place under the video, in your groups, if users buy our software, then you will receive a percentage of each sale. Steel employees can receive a flat payment for each video.

For all questions, contact Discord: Esdeath#0294

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Discord: Esdeath#0294

VKontakte: CLICK

SP Mikhail Dmitrievich Davydov
TIN: 245802023210 PSRNSP: 320246800069528
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Registration address: Krasnoyarsk, st. Spandaryana, 12a building 2
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