Pubg Radar - Product Activation Instruction

During the payment process you need to fill out the form with the details to login to our website. If you already have an account, just enter your details. After you complete the payment you need to click on the get goods button. Then, login to the site with the details you just entered.

PUBG Radar Launch Instructions:
On the site, click on your avatar(top right) -> My applications -> Download.
Start the software after steam is opened but before the game is opened. When the program wishes you a pleasent game you should run PUBG.
These are ways you can use the radar:
1) Via a browser you are using on your pc. You will have to minimize the game and click "Run" in "My Applications" on The Radar will be opened in a new tab. It is extremly convenient if you have two monitors.
2) You can use another device such as a phone, tablet or laptop. You just need to login to the website from the device and launch the tab with the radar on that device. You can just place the device next to you and play without minimising any windows on your main screen.

Launch Video:

If you want to renew your subscription, then you need to buy a cheat again on the purchase page using login, pass and e-mail from your current account.
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Also, here you can find this instruction in Arabic - LINK.